Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy Buffalo!

We love any excuse for a party around here.  Everyone should have a big family if for no other reason than to celebrate birthdays more often! ;)  In our household, we start a run at the end of August with Dale, followed by 1 in September, 2 in October, 1 in November, 1 in January, and 1 in February.

We celebrated Daddy's day with a fish fry!
Followed up with presents....
...and a lemon jello cake:
Depending on where you start counting, Daddy Buffalo is either halfway to 40 or halfway to 70.  ;)

But watching our little celebration tonight I thought to myself it doesn't matter what age you are, anyone celebrating surrounded by his children is a blessed man!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Greg! Looks like a great time.

Arkansas Grandma said...

Anyone with a family to celebrate your life is a blessed man or woman. Happy Birthday Greg you do have a special family. (BTW it snowed 35 years ago in Arkansas)