Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meal planning all day long

I have been menu planning our suppers for years.  I can't imagine buying groceries or feeding this family supper day after day without a plan!  But never thought I would like extending that plan to include breakfast and lunch.

I was so wrong!

One of the main things I thought I wouldn't like was not not being in the mood for a certain food (hasn't been an issue) or not being able to make something that wasn't on the plan (it finally occurred to me that if it's my plan I can deviate at any time, right?).

For about a month now the boys and I have had the same thing each week for breakfast and lunch and we all love it!  They like having a rotation and knowing what's coming.  I like not having to decide what to serve.

Here is our (for now) menu:

Sunday - Homemade Biscuits (cinnamon raisin or regular)
Monday - Cream of wheat cereal
Tuesday - Smoothies and toast (cinnamon or peanut butter)
Wednesday - Baked oatmeal
Thursday - Eggs (with toast, in a tortilla, or in a croissant)

Friday - Muffins
Saturday - Pancakes

Monday - Tomato Soup & Grilled cheese sandwiches
Tuesday - Loaded baked potatoes
Wednesday - Veggie soup with noodles
Thursday - PBJs
Friday - Mac&cheese (usually with tuna & peas added in)

Most meals have an added fruit or vegetable...whatever we have on hand at the time.

Our mealtimes have flowed so much smoother with this plan!  I can imagine even when the items on the menu change, the simple habit of having one will stick with us for a while.

Do you plan your meals?  What's on the menu?

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