Thursday, February 7, 2013

Digging Holes

We've had a couple of crazy days around here, surrounded by a work crew repairing our house's foundation.  Day 1 was all outside, and today they worked inside, as well as finishing up outside.

Of course, we didn't even attempt school with all of this going on.  Even so, as much as the boys enjoyed watching all the action I could easily see by mid-day today the negative side effects of being out of routine.

But all's well that ends well, right?  And seeing those brick cracks disappear and not having to fight to open and close doors definitely counts as ending well in my book.

Fifteen holes like these were dug around the outside of the house:
Some in concrete, some in dirt. Metal poles as tall as me were driven down them underneath the house, and then jacked up to raise the foundation.

Inside, there were 8 dime-sized holes drilled into the floor and through the foundation.  In each of these holes the workmen sprayed some super-powerful, hot and steamy expanding foam, which lifted the foundation from underneath.
(My man tells me it's polyurethane.)

Not coincidentally, I've had "On Christ the Solid Rock I stand" in my head for a couple of days. "All other ground is sinking sand", right?
That and "He Lifted Me". :)

In other news, Brooklyn is still quite infatuated with Daniel.  He's her favorite person.  One morning recently we were setting the table for breakfast.  Brooklyn made sure Daniel was taken care of:
Isn't she a sweetie? 
Me & my girl:

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Kristin said...

Oh Brookie-lynn, you are so sweet! You two are gonna be tight through the years. :)
Daniel is like, "Thanks..."