Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's in your book basket?

Welcome to week 2 of peeking into our book basket!

This week our feature book is
Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

To go along with that, we have:
Marshmallow, Clare Turlay Newberry - Excellent classic with "meaty" language, and some poetry sprinkled in for good measure.  A sweet story that can be listened to (or read) again & again.

Uncle Wiggly's Story Book, Howard R. Garis - Haven't gotten to this one yet.

Runny Babbit, Shel Silverstein - A hilarious book of silly poems full of spoonerisms.  Good luck reading this one aloud!  Great work-out for growing readers - or anyone for that matter!

Nature's Children: Rabbits - We check out books from this series a lot.  If nothing else the pictures and captions can help fill out whatever animal topic we are on.

In My Garden, Ermanno Cristini - No text.  Inviting nature pictures, with a key in the back to help identify the  various critters seen in the book.

In addition to rabbits, we are also reading up on gardening and nature.
Some highlights from this basketful...

Allan A. Swenson's Big Fun to Grow Book - Dale and I both loved this book.  Even though it is considered a junior book, it was very helpful to me as a beginning gardener.  The text is divided into short segments and includes enough simple illustrations that Dale popped in with interest several times as I read for myself.  

The Victory Garden Kids' Book, Marjorie Waters - Lots of color photos and step-by-step instructions for many types of gardening.

Fun with Nature - Simple text, lots of bright illustrations, filled with kid-friendly nature activities.

And our miscellaneous for the week...
The Elves and the Shoemaker, Paul Galdone- Great telling of this fairy tale, full-page illustrations.  I have to say I like a fairy tale where no one is eaten, threatened to be eaten, or other misfortune endings.

I decided to try Dale on The Boxcar Children, by Gertrude Chandler Warner.  I have never read this series myself, and didn't know what I was missing!  We are just a couple of chapters in and Dale seems hooked.  (I skimmed through and finished.)  I think the Boxcar Children idea came from someones Book basket post last week, but I can't remember.  I've had it in the back of my mind for a while, and
something recently pushed me over the edge. :)  If it was you... thanks!

I got a small variety of longer readers for Dale, just to see how he'd do.  
Also from last week's book basket posts, I decided to try Nate the Great,by  Sharmat & Weinman.  Dale zipped through it this morning, and it's hard to get a good review from him.  Based on the fact he sat and read it from start to finish, I'd say he liked it enough.  We'll see if he goes for another one next week.

And, our pick of the week...
Our awesome librarian found this and knew we'd love it:
Cardinals in the Pine, Lorenz Boyd - A true living book.  Copyright 1969, chock full of information about cardinals (which are high on our interest list right now), all revealed in the form of the story of the research, observations, and discoveries of a little boy named David.  Beautifully drawn illustrations with color photos at the end.  What a find!

And finally, what was actually in my book basket after taking all these pictures:
A big ol' basket is just irresistible, I guess!

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Laura Lou said...

Love what's in your baskets!! You are a reader after my own heart!!

Laura Lou said...

Oh! If you're interested, a few of us Charlotte Masonites are together reading through her volumes called Home Education, which can be found online for free at Ambleside Online. We just started this week, so join us if you wish!!

Wendi said...

Great selection of books. I'll have to make a note of some of the gardening books you mentioned - that's gonna be our theme for May.

My 7-year old loves the Boxcar children books - and Nate the Great too.

I also saw that you had a Curious George book in one of your pics - he is my 5yo and 2yo current favorite character right now.

Laura said...

The cardnial book looks really beautiful, I'll have to check that one out.

The Happy Housewife said...

Love all your books choices. I am adding several to my library holds list! Thanks for sharing.

Sherry said...

Those are some cute looking books. We have been fascinated with birds lately with the nest we have going in our bbq grill of starlings plus 2 bird feeders in back.

Tracey said...

Great list of books! We've enjoyed many of them, including Uncle Wiggly's Storybook. Happy Reading!

Michelle said...

I would like to read the junior gardener book. Emilee wants to plant something, and from previous experiences, I know that I need some help!

Rachel and I are reading through the Boxcar children series. We read a chapter together every night. We are on number 3 right now! I am also reading them with one of my reading groups at school. Well written books, that keep the kids engaged.

I like seeing what you are reading...thanks for participating in this!

Amanda said...

My booklist keeps growing. I bought some of the boxcar books at a library book sale and skimmed through the first one. I am hoping to make a reading challenge for C this summer and put that book on there. Have a great weekend.