Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Monday, in pictures

There was good, bad, and ugly, but mostly good.

Yesterday was a "lab day", which meant we had to get out early to get Alan to the hospital out-patient lab before his morning medicine time to have blood drawn.

Here is Dale, freshly showered, "eating breakfast" (cinnamon raisin bread) and watching the birds outside eating their breakfast, too.

Alan found his toothbrush in my makeup bag and gave himself a little scrub. Can you tell he is still sleepy-eyed?

It seems like the boys spend a lot of time strapped into these car-seats. But I don't think they mind. They like to go!

Dale's mouth moves a lot. I wish I had the following pictures in a little flip book. I could probably read his lips

I was there too. I was not driving when I took this picture. Mimi (my mom) went with us, but I didn't get any pictures of her. :( Oops... sorry Mimi.
Not sure why I look so scary here.

Moving on to sweeter faces...
We took advantage of our morning out to do some shopping. We got groceries, among other things, and got home in time for lunch.

Just before naptime I rubbed Alan down with his lotion. His arms are really dry these days... we suspect excema.

He like to lotion himself, too. He always makes sure his belly button gets some.

Meanwhile, Dale was reading one of our school books for the week. This one was about ships.

It included directions for making your own raft out of clothespins, so we did.
Complete with pennies for people.
Dale said they were divers.

Don't you just love a sleeping baby?

And then I did something I don't usually do, and am still not sure why I did it.
I turned on the tv.
To Spongebob of all things.
I'm not sure what came over me.
At least Dale was working on his laundry job. Sort of.

Somewhere along the way Alan found a glove.

This was great fun! Later he found the other one and wore it, too.

Alan tried "helping" Dale with his laundry, which was already taking much longer than needed, so I placed him in front of more media to give Dale a chance to finish up uninterrupted.

Singing and playing along with his new favorite song did the trick. :) I tried more than once to upload a video of him, but it just won't go. :(

Meanwhile.... the laundry goes on.

After supper we all settled in for yet more tv, to watch The Pirates Who Don't do Anything. Alan was excited. He'd been waiting to watch "Bob" all day!

Alan did a lot of dancing today. In the following video the first few seconds are the best.

Whew. Me and my camera are tired after all that! :)


Kristin said...

Oh yay!! I loved all of those pictures so much!!! And the video! Thanks so much!!! :)

ArkGrandma said...

The computer was nice to me!!
Those were fun pictures...NOW Alan is beginning to grow up. Even the face is getting thinner.