Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden Club Update

Time for a quick garden update!  

I don't have any pictures, because... well... I forgot, and now it's dark!

The corn is looking good, about 6 inches high or so, and I went back in a couple of weeks ago and replanted in the spots where it hadn't come up.  The new ones are looking good too, so hopefully we'll have a couple of different sets of corn.

Got the tomatoes transplanted at the beginning of the week.  I am so happy to have those things in the ground!  And I am even happier to have actually gotten them from seed to ground so successfully! 

Transplanted bell peppers & eggplant today, and hope to get squash & cucumbers in the ground tomorrow.  :)

My biggest joy in the garden is seeing how helpful Dale is.  When I said I was headed to the garden this afternoon, Dale's response was "Yay"!  Isn't that great?

He tired out before we were done, but he had worked hard for a good long while.  And I was glad to have his help!

I promised pictures next time!

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