Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Eggs "colored" with crayons while still warm. The wax melts, creating a marbled effect. Easy, fun, and pretty!

Dale was so proud of his news clothes, especially the tie and mostly the belt. He saw himself in the mirror after getting dressed and decided "I look more like a man than a boy!"

Getting into the van he asked if we could take his booster seat out so he could sit in the seat "just like a man." Bless his heart!

He wore that tie (and belt) all day long. :)

I just want to pick this boy up and squeeze him. And kiss those soft round cheeks.

I hate to point this out, but I can't take the chance that you won't notice my glaring-white legs. No... I'm not wearing white hose. My legs are apparently just. that. white. Almost unnatural, isn't it?
In spite of the cold, dark rain clouds, it was a beautiful day celebrating our Savior's victory over death and sin!

Happy Easter!


Cindy said...

Amy, two things about the picture you mention your legs...first, I cannot notice anything except the beautiful family there and secondly, your legs look tan compared to mine. I cannot even see my legs for the glare off of them. Speaking of Dale's newly found manhood, when you said "Getting into the van he asked if", I was afraid you were going to say he asked if he could drive!

Jennifer said...

Your boys look SO handsome!! Looks like everyone had a lovely Easter - have fun getting back into a "normal" week this week! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Arkansas Grandma said...

Thanks for the family Easter picture. What did you do with your first born baby? I wasn't looking and you replaced him with a boy. (I'm not ready to say a man) but of course I'm not ready to call his Daddy "a man". Even though he has really grown up to be a wonderful person. (Just seemed to be the right moment to brag) I am really proud to say the family in the picture is mine. I know I share you guys with others but you are still mine.
Love to all
Happy Easter
One proud Mom and Grandma

Karen said...

My sisters love teasing me for how pale I am compared to them.

And I, in turn, enjoy all the complements from people who think I look younger than them. ;)

Great pictures!

Natalie said...

I too suffer from paleness. As though I am not self conscience enough about that I get the added beauty of bruises constantly appearing on my shins! I need to research this because I can't remember what I did to get any of them. Thank goodness Maggie has her daddies natural dark skin. BTW...we will age gracefully!