Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reason 274... love "homeschooling".

And yes, though the use of quotes wasn't entirely necessary, it was entirely intentional.

Here's the story:

After getting to an acceptable stopping point in my latest sewing project yesterday afternoon I gathered my materials in my arms to take them back to the bedroom.

In the mix was my box of extra straight-pins, to replenish my pin cushion. (I had acquired several bent pins. Bent pins are no longer "straight" pins and are rather difficult to use.)

So out of my arm-load of stuff, guess what I dropped?

Yep. 437 straight pins. On the carpet.

Of course the lid popped off the box.

But I was calm. And quick on my feet.

"Hey Dale! Let's do some science!"

4 of Dale's most favorite words.

We had a great little lesson on magnetism.

And I got all my pins picked up. :)

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Jennifer said...

Oh...I knocked a full box of straight pins onto the floor of my closet once - and had no homeschooling scientists to eagerly help hoo. I found pins for MONTHS after that! Yea for your eager helper!