Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What day is it?

Do you ever find yourself asking this question? I often have to stop and think what day it is, especially in the summer or any time that you are out of your usual routine and the days all run together.

I am completely lost right now (as far as what day it is) - we left early (7:45, lol) yesterday morning to go to Arkansas to Grandma's house. It's a pretty big deal... the first time Alan has ever been here, and the first time Greg and I have been in 2 1/2 years! Greg's brother and his little boy are also here, so we are just all! up! in! the! fun!

We have a kiddie-pool-water-park-deluxe thing, along with fireworks, food, and a room full of toys. I'm sure you can just imagine.

If I can figure out how to get my pics from my camera to Grandma's computer then I'll post some. Otherwise it will have to wait until we get home. :)

Y'all have a good week. You know where we'll be. ;)

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