Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's tough being a kid, at any age.

Alan fell from a dining chair today.

On his face.


I saw him falling and just couldn't get there in time.


He's all better now. :)

It did bruise, though. Not surprising, since he has taken aspirin every day since his transplant and bruises easily.

I tried to get a picture of the bruise. Because - you know... all good parents take photographic evidence of their children's injuries. Or maybe that's just me?

At any rate, this one hardly shows up at all on camera.

However, Alan took full advantage of being in front of the camera and really hammed it up. He does that you know. He is the ham in this family.

(I'm not sure what that makes the rest of us.)

It's tough to be the big brother, too. Yesterday Dale played a lot with his Lincoln Logs. The best time for this is when Alan is asleep, especially if one intends to do any serious building.

Yesterday afternoon Alan had gone down for his nap and I came to tell Dale it was time for him to rest too.

He showed me the house he had built all by himself, no instructions or anything. He wanted to show Daddy, but Daddy was on the phone.

I told Dale to go ahead and get in bed and when Daddy got off the phone I would tell him to come look.

Guess what?

I forgot. Completely forgot.

Fast forward about 2 hours:

Alan woke up from his nap and we turned him loose the house. May have even told him to go wake up Dale. We do that sometimes.

What usually happens is that Dale wakes up and the two of them start playing.

Yesterday, Alan did eventually disappear down the hallway.

Moments later I simultaneously heard a small crash and a shriek.

Followed by much wailing. In two voices. And I think even an "Al-annnnn!!!"

I didn't even have to go look. I knew.

And I felt really really bad.

Alan recovered almost immediately.

It took Dale a little while, but all was well again by supper time.

An hour in the sprinkler (even with a perpetrator) can do wonders.

Man it's tough being a kid!


Linda said...

Poor Dale! Funny sotry, though! Thanks for your new address, I've changed the link on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Poor thing!! But that face!

Kara said...

Being a kid is definitly tough! I'll change your link on my blog:)