Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scoot over and say cheese

This time last week we were in Arkansas at Grandma's house, along with Greg's brother and our nephew.

The male chromosomes, there were many.

We spent most of last week there. I think we've about recovered.

The blog however, has not, as you may have noticed.

As a peace offering, I bring you a couple of pics from last week.

You give them a big ol' swimmin' pool, and they all crowd in one corner. They called it the "safety boat".
We notice this phenomenon a lot in our family. Not the safety boat thing, but the crowding into a small space. We can have a whole house at our disposal, and all 4 of us be sitting/standing/wedging ourselves into a single-digit square foot space. We love togetherness around here.

And do you know how difficult it was to get the following picture? Getting three boys to look in sort-of the same direction with a somewhat decent smile is quite possibly...impossible. And somewhere along the way Alan has learned how to "say cheese" whenever the camera points his way. So expect to see more of this expression in the days to come.
If I can get around to posting to the ol' blog, that is!


Kara said...

Sweet pictures, looks like you had fun:)

Kristin said...

That's a really good picture of Dale! Haha.