Monday, June 9, 2008

We're so artsy fartsy it hurts.

For those of you actually still reading this blog after the last post, I thank you.

For a few days now I have noticed that one key on our piano made a funny little buzzing sound each time it was played. (It was the first 'F' to the left of middle C, if you were wondering.) It sounded/felt to me like something was down in between the keys.

I was close.

I pointed out this buzzing to Greg, who immediately jumped into the project, and began disassembling our piano! I didn't even know this was possible! He opened the top, turned a couple of latches in the upright part, and lifted a whole big section off the front.

And what we saw when he did that explained everything.

So let's all say together:
I'm glad those weren't bills or anything time-sensitve. And yes. Those are 3-D glasses sitting on my F key. Buzzing solved.

And in a totally unrelated piano incident....

No. He's NOT climbing, actually. It may have started that way, but he's just standing like that, and playing.

Let's all say together:


Simple Journeys said...

Need I remind you....

"A flower pot is not a hat"

"It is if I wear it on my head"

Do we still have that book?

Amy said...

Ohhhh, yeah!
I think that book is at Nana's.

In that case.... I think I'll start charging postage. :)

Sugar-n-Spice said...

i love the picture of the little guy with his foot on the bench, hilarious! i'm sure my own love for the piano makes it even more grand.

i enjoyed browsing your blog.

fairenuff said...

I love the 'ballet barre' pose. My two favourite things (piano and dancing) all wrapped up with a beautiful and precious little man.