Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids say funny stuff

Allow me to provide a few examples:

Last week after our visit to Fair Park we still had some time to fill before Alan's appointment. Since it is such a short drive over to the airport we decided to go see if we could see some planes taking off or landing.

Even though it was a short drive, Alan fell asleep. He slept the whole time we were there, while the rest of us watched a few jets land. Finally it was time to go on the the hospital. Dale quietly got buckled back into his seat so as not to wake Alan. As Greg backed out of our parking space, we stopped to watch one more landing.

Which was interrupted by a low, yet fierce growl from Alan's half of the backseat.

Hello! Weren't you just sleeping!?

And why are you growling?

One look in the direction Alan was looking and we knew. He was growling at this:
I'd growl too, wouldn't you??

And then....

Earlier this week Dale, Alan, my mom and I were in our van for a quick trip to visit family. We were on our way home when Dale announced in a firm, yet slightly unnerved tone of voice:

"There is a bug back here that I am NOT enjoying!"

And based on the size of it and the way it proceeded to come to the front seat to dive-bomb us, I can say we didn't enjoy it much either!

But we did enjoy the waves of giggles we would get from the backseat by swatting, dodging and opening the windows at 60 mph each time buggy buzzed to the front. :)

And finally....

Alan's favorite food in the world (for now, lol) is french fries. His last batch came from a fast-food drive-through with Daddy a couple of weeks ago.

A week or two later the four of us went through the bank drive through, and guess what Alan thought he was getting?

Yep. The same thing he got the last time Daddy drove up close to a building next to a big ol' window.

Aww. It was all we could do not to go straight from the bank to you-know-where! And if we hadn't already had supper waiting on us at home, we might have done just that!


Michelle said...

Just yesterday we were at Hobby Lobby getting some emergency vacation bible school stuff. Emilee ran off across the entire store with 5 different employees chasing her and me in hot pursuit. When I finally caught up with her, I told her I would have to spank her for not following directions. She proceeded to inform me that "Mommy, I know that Daddy doesn't want me to spank you." !?!?!? When I talked to Daddy, he did in fact inform me that yes he DID want me to spank her! Priceless...and something I am sure that Hobby Lobby won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Simple Journeys said...

Those boys!! xxooxxoo

She sure is strange! said...

LOL, we were leaving the drivewayhere in Longview headed for my brother's home in Whitehouse with our 8-yr-old son. Our daughters were not along for the trip, staying with my parents instead.

As we backed out, Ryan said(in a very ringmaster loud voice), "And Now I'm going to Offend Myself!". Obviously he meant he was either going to entertain or amuse himself. We laughed all the way to Whitehouse!

Molly(from the LARHE group)