Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dressed for Work

Have you ever started one project only for it to lead you to a much bigger one?

That's exactly what happened to Greg earlier this week. He began a little simple gutter repair around the house and uncovered a real problem area with some boards right in front! So he has been hard at work all week on a new project... tearing down, replacing, painting.

I have enjoyed watching him work. I think it is very masculine to see a man take care of his home, his yard, his vehicle, and by doing so, his family.

I also like noticing what a man chooses to wear for all this work. It seems like every man has his own wardrobe and habits when it comes to his physical labor. I've seen my Daddy in all sorts of work-wear, and both of my grandpas, too.

Greg's habits have changed some over the years.
When we met he wore hiking boots for everything - work, play, church... ev-er-y-thing.

Now that his footwear world has expanded (and no longer includes hiking boots at all) he has different shoes for his work-wear. His current work shoes are his old casual/dress shoes. So after spending a couple of years going into the world everyday with his Dockers, they are now covered in mowed grass and paint.

He wears these without socks.

What can I say? I don't know about you, but I am certain the men in my life aren't the least bit concerned with fashion while they're out sweating.. ya know? (For that matter, I have to question how concerned they are at all about fashion... but that's a different post.)

Greg will often tear the sleeves out of an old t-shirt when it has been relegated to work-wear. He says it's cooler that way. And since I just said I don't think he's concerned with fashion I suppose he's referring to the temperature and not the look when he says it's 'cooler'. You think?

And for the last several years, a cap has always completed his working look. Usually a freebie from a friend at a certain paint store. :)
[If you freebie paint store friends are reading: HI! Send me an email sometime! ;) ]

Of course, any wardrobe calls for accessorizing, as needed. Ear plugs, sunscreen, gloves, masks, the gel-pack cooly down thingie we gave him for father's day a couple of years ago... they all find their way into the mix now and then.

Any way you slice it, tacky, dirty, sweaty.... nothing says love and dependability like a man out working. Add to that his patience with a small child or two getting in the way ready to help at every turn and it just makes a woman's heart melt, doesn't it?

What about you? What interesting wardrobe and working habits does your man have?


Anonymous said...

My man often times gets involved in some messy, greasy, etc. task while wearing something that deserves better treatment than that. Goodness knows, he has plenty of the "rag bag" clothes for dirty work, but when he gets up in the morning and puts those on, thats the time when he has to go to the parts store _in public_. And you know, they don't like to change clothes...not being fashion minded. lol

Michelle said...

My man wears athletic shorts from his coaching days, old coaching football t-shirts, sunglasses, beat up Dallas Cowboys hat, ratty old tennis shoes with socks. If he's mowing, and/or yard work, he has the iPod I bought him for V-day. If the girls are "helping", he just talks and plays with them.

As to the fashion conscious thing though, he is TOTALLY fashion conscious!! He dresses very precisely for work and play alike. Word is all suits now that he is an assistant principal, but play is cargos with a polo shirt and leather sandals. He usually looks nicer than me! :-)

Classic MaMa said...

:) I also love it that my husband takes care of the house. It is very masculine and it means that I don't have to do it! :)