Thursday, June 12, 2008

The upside to being down... when your husband brings you these:

Wasn't that sweet of him?

Yesterday was the first day we brought out the little wading pool for the summer. There is this one spot that gets the shade of our backyard tree most of the day, but is far enough out from the tree that unsavory tree stuff and bugs don't fall into the pool.

Our pool, however, is not sitting in that spot due to a slight misjudgement on my part before filling. So we're just extra careful about the sunscreen. :) And that also explains Alan's hat. :)

The following picture is one of those "mean mommy" moments when I should have been going to Alan's rescue but took a moment to get a picture first. You can't exactly tell from the pic, but he's stuck. His hands are on the bottom of the pool, his feet are on the grass, and try as he might he can't stand up. Hilarious in my opinion. But I helped him get upright and unstuck before he got panicky. :)
Then today Dale helped Daddy trim limbs in front and back. He loaded them up in his wagon from all over and hauled them to the trailer to be carried away. He worked hard! And learned what it means to keep working until the job is done, even if you are tired. Yay Dale!
And while they sweated and slaved away, I played with the camera. Not sure what the lesson is there. I was helping with the trimming.
Until Greg told me I smelled too good to be doing such sweaty hard work.
So I quit. :)
Anyway... my pics:

And this afternoon... back to the pool!

And finally, one random observation: I've done 6 blog posts in 6 days, and do you know which one got the most comments?
The one about not-so-clean toilet bowls! Is there any significance to this? What does it say about my blog? My readers?
I have no idea.
But isn't this blogging business fun? :)


Michelle said...

Love love love the fingers in the ears picture of Alan! and it's not "mean mommy"!! It's preserving for posterity! :-) The flower ones are great too.

fairenuff said...

You've changed your blog background and you didnt discuss it with us first?!! lol

I love this update, I love the last two photos. I love Alan's FLAT tummy and his expression (Eloise uses that one too).

Many many hugs to you, and tell that man of yours how sweet he is!