Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of the many reasons I'll never be that "cool mom"

Dale played outside a lot today, and I went out briefly with Alan.

climbed the ramp again, and rather quickly and skillfully this time!

I decided that instead of having to constantly reach above my shoulders to keep one hand on him at all times, it would be easier if I was just up in the play-thing with him. Dale was with us too, of course.

After we'd been up there for a few minutes, I thought it would be fun for Alan and me to slide down together.

It was going great until my feet were about halfway down, and I saw my right shoe leave a rather large streak of mud on the slide.

With both hands full of Alan and both of us moving at slide-speed, there was nothing I could do but slide right through the mud patch. Which left a nice big mud-smear on the backside of my pants. And the whole thing took less than 5 seconds!

We went inside after that.

I changed my pants.

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ArkGrandma said...

When you have boys you have mud! (Ask Greg) You're still a "cool Mom".