Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Children's Books Blog Hop

Suzanne at The Joyful Chaos is hosting a Children's Book Blog Hop. Post one of your favorites and share! Simple, enough, hm?

You'd think so... but I had such a hard time choosing just one! My problem is loving so many!

But... looking through my bookshelves I found this little number. It has been a favorite of mine since before I have kids!
It is one of those that sits on the top shelf to be read with MAMA only. Only because it has been read so many times it needs to be Handled With Care.

Each picture has a familiar nursery rhyme character to find.
The text is a meandering rhyme that weaves in a whole host of your nursery rhyme favorites. It's catchy enough that I memorized it long ago, and it has stuck with me all these years!

What are your favorite children's books? Want to see what others are loving? Head over to The Joyful Chaos and join in!


Suzanne ~ TheJoyfulChaos said...

Thanks for joining in! I love it!

I also had a hard time picking just one for my first post - I took lots of pics last night for upcoming ones, though!

I love the dreamy pictures in yours - will definitely have to go find this one!

Kristin said...


Amy said...

Kristin - I thought this book was one we had enjoyed together, but I wasn't sure enough to say so in my post, haha! Just let me know when you want to borrow it for a while! ;)