Monday, September 28, 2009

Bedtime Reading

For a little while now I have wanted to let Dale have some reading time before bed each night.

I have always enjoyed settling into bed with a good book, and as much as Dale loves to read I was ready to give him a chance at that too.

And thus the change in our bedtime routine. It has been nice for Daddy and I to get both the boys tucked in a few minutes earlier, and for them to have the time to unwind quietly.

We leave them reading and then go back 10-20 minutes later to turn off the lamp and give a final kiss for the night.
One of the reasons I put off a bedtime reading time was because Dale and Alan share a room. But it finally occurred to me there is no reason Alan can't lay in bed and look at a book, too!

And so he does. As often as not he has fallen asleep by the time we turn the light off.

I thought that was the case tonight when I went in for lights-out and to give him his medicine.

But just as I got ready to take a picture of him curled up sleeping he turned over and gave me a grin.

I love the coziness and calmness (and the extra reading time!) our new routine has given us. Hopefully it will be here to stay for a while!

What about you? Do you like to read in bed? Do your kids read at bedtime?


Kara said...

How wonderful! I love to read before bed and now that my kids are older they can read themselves. We used to read them a story each night until things got crazy with Little One's arrival. I think this is a great bedtime routine!

*Mirage* said...

That's great! My daughter is going to love reading before bed. She's only 3 but loooves books. :)