Monday, July 6, 2009

Thoughts on preschoolers

We (and when I say "we" I mean "I don't know about you but this definitely applies to me so maybe I should just be saying I") often waaay underestimate our kids.

More than once lately I have found myself surprised at both boys, especially Alan most recently, and his understanding or enjoyment of certain things.

The biggest one has been my discovery of his love of poetry.

A couple of times in the past week or so Daddy and Dale have gone out. leaving us with some one-on-one time. Maybe
that is a key here, and something I'll be thinking on. Anyway, one day recently when it was just the two of us, Alan was at the table finishing lunch and I had out our poetry book looking for some poems for Dale this fall.

Alan kept asking me to read him a story, so I just read him the poem on the page I was on instead.

And he loved it.
Asked for me to "say it again" until I had read it 3 or 4 times in a row.
Has requested it on two different days since then.

So the lesson I have learned from this and other occasions recently is not to underestimate the brain power of a 2 1/2 year old.

Does this mean I'll be making extensive plans for schooling Alan this fall?


But it does mean I will be putting extra effort into one of the things I believe in most:


My on-going goal for both boys in their younger years is to introduce them to as many things as I can for their learning and enjoyment through books, toys, music, crafts, cooking, playing together, and books, books and more books.

Because obviously... they can handle it!

And just in case you were curious about the poem that sparked Alan's interest (and that we are both unintentionally well on the way to having memorized), here it is:

Feather or Fur
John Becker

When you watch for
Feather or fur
Feather or fur
Do not stir
Do not stir.

Feather or fur
Come crawling
Some come peeping
Some by night
And some by day.
Most come gently
All come softly
Do not scare a friend away.

When you watch for
Feather or fur
Feather or fur
Do not stir
Do not stir.


Jennifer said...

That is so cool!

momtofivekids said...

I read the poem to Sophie (4) yesterday. Before bed last night she wanted to talk about it. We tried to remember parts of it. She wants me to read it again.

PS Remember I asked you to pray for Christian because he hated his glasses when he first got them? Well, just to give you an update-he LOVES them now! He wears them at all times, and wakes up yelling, "glasses, glasses!"