Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Rest of the Trip

First of all - we're home! Yay! I love home!

Second - thanks to all of y'all actually reading along about our vacation adventures. I almost have the feel of one of those stereo-typical people who break out the vacation slide show and bore their guests. But then I had the thought.... just because I put it here doesn't mean anyone HAS to read it, lol!

And to answer a couple of things from blog comments this week:
- I actually
did remember on our trip to hand the camera over from time to time. Apparently I wasn't very photogenic this week, because there are some funky things going on in the pics of me. And I am not usually one to be picky about how I look in a photo.

- YES - it was HOT in San Antonio! We went to the Alamo first thing one morning, so it wasn't too bad yet, but by the time we were done there it was warming up pretty quick. The worst was the morning I wandered too far with the boys on the Riverwalk and had to take the Loooooooong way back to the hotel. Miserable!

And finally, here's how we filled the rest of the day we went to the Alamo:

After an afternoon rest at the hotel we actually loaded up and drove somewhere. Usually in SA we stay within walking distance of the hotel / riverwalk / convention center. But this time we went to a science and history museum in a different part of town.

Dale absolutely loved it. There was so much for him to see he wouldn't stick with any one thing for very long at all! A few of the highlights...

A triceratops:
A pipe music thingy at the top of the "science treehouse" (the hands on science stuff was Dale's most favoritist part).
This pipe music thingy is played with flip-flop bottoms.

A "what lives in the river" exhibit:

After the museum we went to see my Uncle. He took us onto one of the local Air Force bases to show the boys an airplane display.

loved it. At least as much as (and in Alan's case probably more than) the museum!

I took soooo many pictures, but these will give you the idea:

The day after this jam-packed day was coming home day. We stopped a couple of hours into the drive to visit my cousin and her family. My boys and her girls played together like old friends, even though the time they spent together this week is more than the total of time they had previously spent together their whole lives!

After that fabulous visit, we loaded up the boys in their pj's and headed off into the sunset.
And let me say one more time (go ahead, say it with me if you want).... there's no place like home, there's no place like home!!


Queen Diva said...

It's always so nice to be back home! Unless, of course, I didn't get the house cleaned before I left - then it's just argh.

ArkGrandma said...

I'm glad you guys are home safe and had a good trip. I loved the cronicles of SA and the Devine family.

Jennifer said...

Wow - you may have actually seen my sweet Airman at that base...if only you'd have known it!?! :)