Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blah, blah, blahg

Apparently I haven't had the time or motivation or material or something for blogging lately.

Ya think?

We've been back from our trip for several days now, and I never posted the last few pics:
Both boys got to ride in Grandpa's boat. Dale and his cousin Aaron got a fishing trip with Daddy and Grandpa. Alan got a solo trip with 3 adults at his beck and call.
See that Astros hat? One of my last thoughts (I think I even said it out loud) was to not let anything happen to that hat. It's Dale's.

That hat came back to the campsite soaking wet after blowing off Alan's head and going for a little lake swim.

I was just happy it came back!

And yes, Alan loved his boat ride.

And Dale and Aaron caught lots of palm-sized fish. :)

Since coming home we've been enjoying our last week of at-home summer before Daddy goes back to work.

The garden is limping along, keeping us stocked in cherry tomatoes and big ol' zucchini. (We won't talk about the disappointments of the squash and eggplant.)

Last night we got out the slippin' slide:
The whole family suited up and got wet, but before you even ask (and I know some of you are wondering), only three of us performed belly-diving slides down the thing.
I'll let you guess which three that would have been. And who the dainty and proper fourth person was. :)

We've got some big adventures coming up next week, and I hope to blog all about them.
But based on my current track record, I'm not making any promises.


momtofivekids said...

Great pics! You might have noticed, but I haven't blogged much either. Maybe it's a summer break thing.

Michelle said...

I can't WAIT to see you guys on Sunday!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Slippin' slides just look like too much fun! Glad you guys are having such a fun summer...can't wait to hear about those upcoming adventures!