Friday, July 24, 2009

at the old ball gaaaame!

This boy is a Nascar fan:
He can tell you all about who drives which car, who their sponsor is, and who their crew chief and teammates are. He can tell you what each colored flag means, what happens on a pit stop, and name a handful of tracks.

This boy is not so knowledgeable about baseball.

But with us watching games here and there throughout the spring and summer, he is catching on fast.

And even with his limited-but-expanding knowledge, he really gets into a game.

For example, during a game recently a player took a mighty swing at a pitch, hitting a homerun, and breaking his bat in the process. Dale saw the broken bat and expressed his worry:

"I hope they have another bat!"

And then there was the time the camera caught sight of the ball boy running to retrieve a foul ball. Dale couldn't believe the powers that be would let a non-player just run out onto the field like that:

"Look at that guy! He shouldn't be out there! They better stop him!"

We took advantage of the moment to explain the job of the ball boy.

But if you believe everything you see on commercials, then maybe Dale wasn't as far off as you might think!

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Jennifer said...

My goodness...he looks like his momma!! So cute :)