Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still Traveling

After a night with family in Austin we drove on south to San Antonio.

The boys and I spent the next morning at a playground near the convention center. Dale especially loved all the paths, steps and mazes.

From the playground we braved the heat and explored the Riverwalk. Dale had been talking about it for days, and I'm sure it is difficult to imagine if you have never seen it, especially for a kid. Alan did most of his viewing from the stroller, but when Dale started climbing these steps Alan wanted to join in. I decided I could chance it... at least I'd have more time to catch him if he fell towards the water from up there! :)
The view across the water from the bottom of all those steps:

After supper (which came after a long nap in the dark air-conditioned hotel room) we did the proper touristy thing and took a Riverboat ride. Dale had been asking to allllll day and was extremely excited to get going.

Alan took it all in quietly but has been talking about it a lot today.

Up next:

The Alamo!


ArkGrandma said...

Looks like fun...I'm glad you are getting to enjoy a family vacation!
Be sure Dad gets the camera so you can show that Mom is on vacation also! ENJOY!

Jennifer said...

WOW - sounds so much like my trip! We had just as much fun!!