Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Horsin' Around

Still on vacation!

The folks here at the state park horse stables had a "Meet A Horse" morning one day this week. We brought the boys to have their first up-close experience with horses - especially so many!

Dale liked it. I think he enjoyed learning something new. Here he is feeding a horse a bit of food.
But Alan... Alan loved the horses! So interesting to see them experience the same thing in such different ways!
Here is Alan on one of his several up-close encounters with the white horse, 'Cloud'.

Pretty soon after that, Cloud leaned back over to Alan and bared every humongous horse tooth in a big ol' horsey grin right in Alan's face.

Alan thought it was hilarious. He said, "The horse said 'cheeeese'!"

After petting several more (and laughing at the antics of one scratching its neck against a post) he got to SIT on 'ShowBoy'!

After that he was hooked and asked to be put on the next horse in line, 'Scout'. By this time he had his diva self going strong, and started handing out parade waves:
Note to self: must get Alan around horses again soon!


Michelle said...

That is super cute!!! Isn't it funny how they react differently.

Cindy said...

You might want to edit that to read "must get Alan a horse soon!"

fairenuff said...

Haven't commented for a while but I have been reading, I promise. I love this post, what fantastic photos. And, yes, you need to have some more horse time!

Melissa Stover said...

great pictures of him on that horse!