Friday, July 3, 2009

Party like it's.... the end of June!

The boys were able to celebrate the completion of the Library Summer Reading program with a party at the Library earlier this week.

Both boys finished the program: Dale logging over 20 books during the month of June, and Alan over 15 in the Read-to-Me division. (And discovered some new favorites in the process!)

The highlight of the party, and a huge hit with all the kids there was the fishing for prizes game. Each kid got 6 turns throwing their line behind a secret curtain and fishing from between the bookshelves.

I loved hearing some of the younger kids (including Dale) ask in amazement how those toys and prizes got on the hook. Even beyond-your-age smarts don't always replace the innocence of childhood. I love that.

We let the mystery of the fishing game remain a mystery for another year. No need to spoil the magic, as far as I'm concerned.

Much of the rest of the party was spent in doling out prizes for the kids that finished the program (15 books for the younger kids, or 1500 pages for the older) and those that read the most books (or pages), and then names were randomly drawn for prizes.

The two 'grand prizes' were gift baskets from the local Dairy Queen. T-shirt, hat, free kids meal, and free Blizzard. The first one was given away, and only the second remained. It would be the last prize for the day, and the party would be over.

Dale, ever the shy one, sat in the huddle of kids on the rug verbally wishing his name to be drawn.

And what do you know... it was!

This fun little party concluded at approximately 10:50am, and Dale was ready to go get his free kids meal RIGHT. THEN.

And, what the heck, it's summer, right? So we did!

And of course, Alan too. He and I shared a burger and fries and a big ol' pop. And everybody was happy. :)

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Linda Jacobs said...

Is this your mother's library? What a great program!

I also just read your accounts of homeschooling. What a fantastic teacher you are! I love what you did. I'm sure Dale learned much more than he would have in a more structured environment.

And the pictures of the boys are adorable!