Monday, March 16, 2009

Tractors, chocolate, and long-awaited sunshine

Yay!  We finally had sunshine today, after 6 days of clouds!  Good timing, too, since it was the first day of Greg's spring break.

He stayed awfully busy today taking care of all those odds and ends that just can't seem to get done on the weekends, and the boys stuck by his side for most of it.  

This would be a good place to put in a picture, but I guess I didn't think of that today!

We are also doing odds and ends in school this week, taking it light since Daddy is home.  I plan on assembling a quick lapbook with Dale on the solar system to show all he learned from the many books we've read over it the past couple of weeks.

Throw in a few St. Patrick's day and spring activities, and that will be our school for the week!

We went to see my grandparents this weekend, and the boys got to sit on the tractor.  This should have been a real treat, since tractors are one of Alan's most favoritest things in the whole world, but for some reason he was scared!

I am loving all his talking lately - he can really tell us things! 

This particular afternoon he communicated very clearly that he wanted to go "back" in the "house"!
Hmmmm... now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't fear of the tractor after all.... maybe it was the fact that Grandmama and the chocolate bowl were in the "house"!  :)


Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful week...with Daddy home!

Mommy said...

What a wonderful picture! :) I love his "not so sure" face!