Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheap. Easy. Comfort food.

So I mentioned us having colds. That is a good time for soup, right?

Yesterday I put a package of big ol' chicken breasts in the crock pot. Usually when I use the CP I have a plan, but not so yesterday, so I just salted & peppered them generously and added a cup or two of water. Since they were still partially frozen I set it to 'high' and let it go for the day.

Later on in the day I started thinking of lentils and rice, thanks to a
group of youtube videos my blog friend Heart of a Mommy linked to. They are of 90-something year old Clara who explains how to cook Depression-Era meals, along with her own memories of that time.

I LOVE those videos. LOVE them.

One of them is a "
poor-man's feast", which includes a lentil & rice dish (along with a small piece of meat and a salad).

So I had the lentils on my mind.

About an hour before eating time, I poured all the cooking juices from the crock-pot into a big pot on the stove, and added enough water to make .... 6-8 cups?

As it heated to boiling, I added in half a pound of lentils (rinsed) and about a cup of long grain white rice.

I cooked those together for half an hour or so, adding more hot water as needed.... just enough to keep them a little soupy.

As they began to get soft I added in a can of Italian-style diced tomatoes (undrained). It also needed more water at that point, so I microwaved my tomatoes and water in a measuring cup so they'd be hot when I poured them in.

Just before serving I deboned and cubed one of the chicken breasts from the crock pot. You could add more chicken if you wanted, but I guess I was in Depression mode and went light on the meat. :)

It was SO GOOD.

I think partly it was because it was so simple! Usually I like to add in lots of stuff, but this was really good and simple and cheap and easy and yum.
Well I didn't say it was pretty. But I can guarantee it tasted a lot better than it looked!


Jennifer said...

It is definitely soup weather (hope the colds are gone soon) and yours looks yummy and hearty! Thanks for the tip about the videos - I've never heard of these. Will enjoy checking them out. Take care -

Mommy said...

Ooooh! It looks pretty to me! AND delicious! I'll have to try it! ♥

I also love your bag dispenser. cute!