Thursday, March 26, 2009

Talkin' Tortillas

Flour tortillas have been a staple in this household since it came into being just over 8 years ago.

In the last couple of months I have experimented with making my own, and successful tortillas turned out to be trickier than I thought! But after a few attempts using
this recipe, I had them just about perfect.

It is really quick and easy to do, and we learned there is nothing like a hot-off-the-griddle tortilla!

So don't ask me why I bought a package of flour tortillas at the grocery store last week. I really don't know. My best guess is old habits die hard and I was feeling lazy that day.

But then this weekend, really mixing things up, I bought a package of 100 (yes, that is ONE HUNDRED) corn tortillas on clearance at the bread store for 50 cents. (Yes, that is 50 CENTS.)

And now I am in love.

Something about them is so authentic and old-fashioned and earthy and very satisfying.

Even though these were on clearance, they are still incredibly soft and fresh. (Minus the ones I double-wrapped and stuck in the freezer for later).

They changed my crock pot enchiladas into a completely different dish, and my newest favorite snack is a corn tortilla folded over a few slices of cheddar cheese.

I never knew I could be so excited over tortillas.

So what flavor do you prefer at your house? Corn or flour? Do you make your own? Do you even use tortillas?


Smockity Frocks said...

I use corn tortillas in my enchilada casserole recipe, and we always have flour tortillas on hand for one of our lunch staples, quesadillas. The kids like the flour tortillas for snacks with butter or cheese, too.

I tried making them a couple of times. How do you get them thin enough?

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Only flour in this house. My girls will not eat corn and Prince Charming doesn't care for them either.

I really want to try making my own. Got any helpful hints? :)

Amy said...

Aw... y'all flatter me. The recipe I linked to is the only one I have tried.... and have ended up with a couple of changes: I leave out the optional baking powder and even more importantly...

Seriously.... it stuck and tore and made a big mess. When I roll them right on the counter I can get them so thin I can almost read through them. I press and roll from the center out in all directions, flipping the whole thing over at least once in the process.

They shrink immediately on the griddle, so you want them as thin as you can get them before put them on.

And don't overcook them. Unless you like them crunchy. :)

Michelle said...

Flour, but I am not opposed to trying them. And GREAT deal--50 cents!!

Anonymous said...

We mostly eat flour, but have recently gone to the Carb smart whole wheat tortillas...I don't make my own, but I should definitely be looking for some better deals! Teresa (Michelle's best friend)