Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

In case you didn't know (or guess by my clever title - ha!) today was Dr. Seuss' birthday.

I wouldn't have known this if I had stuck to my original plan for today, which was to leave the computer off until after lunch.

But in a rare turn of events I was actually up before the boys this morning (they tend to be early risers)... anyway, I was awake early... probably had a lot to do with the fact that not breathing well = not sleeping well. I can thank this glorious head-cold for that.

Anyway... I was excited to discover the Seuss birthday thing. That is often the sort of thing I come up on after the fact.

I knew I didn't have long before the boys were awake, so I started gathering as much Seuss stuff from around the house that I could find. Dale did come in before I was done, but I had enough out on the table that it got his attention.

He asked what it was all for and I told him we were going to have Dr. Seuss Day!

He immediately started pulling out stuff I didn't know we even had, and this is what the two of us together came up with:

Alan jumped right in and did what I had been tempted to do from the get-go:

We then got busy reading Green Eggs and Ham and making our own batch. How lucky was I to have a bit of leftover ham in the freezer?

AND... how cool was it that we even had a big ol' box for the boys to eat in?
"Would you eat them in a box?"
The trains were Dale's touch. You know... "Could you, would you, on a train?"

The toast was my touch. Green eggs are hard to stomach by themselves, no?

We all read The Cat in the Hat before Alan's naptime this afternoon, and then Dale did a few printables, including a fun word search, from Later he played some of the online games there, too. The Fox in Sox word scramble was my favorite.
Couldn't have been better timing, since, feeling yucky and all, I had absolutely nothing up my sleeve or in my planner or anywhere else for school today. So thank you, Dr. Seuss, for being born on March 2.

Or something like that.


Karen said...

Looks great! Now I must confess that we let Dr. Seuss's birthday go by without so much as a reading of The Cat In The Hat. I didn't realize until well into the day what day it was and I didn't add any special activities to our day.

I did show my oldest that Seussville place on the web today, so we will no doubt be doing some activities there eventually, just not on the right day. :)

Jennifer said...

You are one cool mom!!!

Mommy said...

LOVE IT! I think the trains were a nice touch!
My mom's birthday is on March 2nd. I'll have to tell her that she and Dr. Suess have lots in common.