Friday, March 13, 2009

Number 400

This post marks the 400th one I have published to my blog.  I can't believe it!

As I have gotten closer to this number I tried to think of some way to celebrate.  I couldn't think of anything good to giveaway.  $400 would be cool, but even if I had $400 laying around, giving it away wouldn't be my first choice of what to do with it.  Or my 3rd, 8th, or 11th choice, either.  Sorry.

Someone suggested $4.  A penny for every blog thought.  I thought that was fun and clever.
But I was too afraid no one would sign up for $4!  How embarrassing that would be!

So then I remembered all those folks who have done "100 Things About Me" posts.  What if.... what if I did 100 things about each of us!  That would be 400 Things for my 400th Post.  How FUN!

But I don't think I could come up with 100 things about ME, let alone all 4 of us.

But I might could do 10 things about each of us... yeah... that'd be fun.

So I started thinking.

And even that was more challenging than I thought.

So my 400th post celebration has shrunk and shrunk, and so now I give you this:

10 Things You Might or Might Not Know About Us

1.  Greg learned to fly airplanes in college.

2.  Dale reads faster than I do (and comprehends what he reads!).

3.  Alan was briefly bilingual: when he first started talking he only said "agua" for water.  We don't know how this happened.

4.  When Dale was 2 he knew over 50 "baby signs!"  (And only spoke a few words.)

5.  We like to watch Nascar.  Y'all.

6.  We have had 8 different vehicles since we got married 8 years ago.

7.  I didn't like Greg the first time I saw him.

8.  We once took a cat camping.  In a tent.  Before we had kids, obviously.

9.  Greg was the 8th grade spelling bee champ for his county.

10. On our honeymoon, Greg and I went out shopping one day: we went to a Dollar General and bought vitamin C, echinacea, and grape juice.  Neither of us was sick, and it was the middle of the summer.  We were just weird like that.

Whew!  There you have it.  10 random things about us.  Did you learn something you didn't already know?  For the remaining 390, skim through the archives, or just stay tuned.  I'm sure the next 400 posts will be full of more trivial bits from the Buffalo herd!  :)


brwilliams said...

Amy, you are so funny! I love the ten random facts!

Lisa said...

HAPPY 400th POST!!

Here's to 400 more!

your #1 blog fan

Nigel's Mom said...

Amy, I REALLY, REALLY wish you would devote an entire blog to that "8. We once took a cat camping. In a tent. Before we had kids, obviously."...oooh, I can only imagine how that went.

Linda Jacobs said...


I've got a cold and, well, I'm looking for an excuse, but I thought I was reading your mom's blog and was surprised that she'd only been married for 8 years! Duh!

Kristin said...

Oh what a wonderful post! Congratulations on 400 posts!!!
I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Mommy said...

I like the last one. On our honeymoon we bought the movie "My Fair Lady" even though we didn't have a TV or VCR or DVD player at the time, LOL!

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Great list! But I think you should really come up with #390 more random things.

Just kidding. ;)