Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy hands

I've mentioned before about re-learning to sew the past few months.  

Pretty much since day one, Dale has wanted to help or sew too.  

Finally one day recently I gave in and set him up with a needle and thread, a scrap of fabric, and few big buttons.  A little instruction and he was on his way!

I love the soft fabric and tiny needle with Doc Hudson looking on:

And in case you question a boy (*gasp!*) sewing, (even after the Doc Hudson thing) think of these two points:

1 - the awesome fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination he was picking up

2 - the self-sufficiency and other benefits of a boy/man being able to fix his own button, if needed

He was so ("sew" - haha) proud of his work, and had a great time.  I will definitely have his little project handy the next time I am working on one of my own!


Michelle said...

I think it is great! My girls have their own matchbox cars...when we were little, mom and dad bought me and Deanna and Kevin all barbies, and we all had GI Joes too. I think it is good for every gender to every thing!

Anonymous said...

One of the things I had to have in the army was a sewing kit. Love Gramps

Jennifer said...

Way to go, Dale! I'm sure his project will be one that you treasure forever!

Karabeth said...

Hi Amy,

Yes, I am Karen's (of Candid Diversions) Mom. Not only am I still a homeschooling mom but now I have the added blessing of participating in the antics of those grandbabies of mine!

Thanks for stopping by today. And I must confess that I've been over here before. Guess I was just a lurker. Thanks for making the introductions. Nice to meet you!

Mommy said...

He could be a shoemaker one day. They need to know how to sew. My dad had a friend that sewed parachutes for skydiving, and he was a guy. Learning to sew is a very manly art!