Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This n' that Tuesday

It's raining again. It seems like we just had rain not that long ago, but I guess it is spring, and we do need it. If only my corn would come up.
Dale and I are Five-In-a-Rowing Mrs. Katz & Tush this week. I hadn't ever read that book before, but I am loving the great variety of things in it to learn... immigration, Jewish observances (like Passover), cats & kittens, and other stuff. If you aren't familiar with it, Mrs. Katz is originally from Poland, and Tush is her kitten. And yes, that is "Tush" as in "rear end". What a name for a cat!
Greg and I discussed a couple of synonyms for it, and although they weren't profane or anything, I'll still not mention them here. You can come up with some on your own, I'm sure.
We are having sharing issues at our house. It seems like EVERYTHING little brother does, big brother absolutely has to do too. In fact, it is more than "it seems".... it is more like "I know". Just a minute ago Dale told me, "I like everything Alan likes except I like it best."
It is almost pitiful to watch sometimes, bless his little 5 year old heart.
We are heavy on the ground beef at our house this week: crock pot enchiladas on Sunday, Sloppy Joes on Monday, crock pot meatloaf tonight, and beef and bean burritos Thursday. Goodness. I'm not a big fan of ground beef as it is, so I expect to be burnt out by week's end. I usually like more variety in our menu. Not sure how the beef extravaganza happened.
Are you ground beef eaters? What are some of your favorite ground beef dishes?


Michelle said...

We are HUGE ground beef eaters. We buy a side of beef every 6 months, and most of it is, you guessed it, ground beef! I make a yummy lasagna with it, hamburger helper if pressed, burritos a lot because the kids like them, plain ole hamburgers, and chili.

Natalie said...

I did an author study on Patricia Pallaco with my class each year. She has some wonderful books. She is the little girl in Thank You Mr. Faulker.
We bought 1/4 a cow this year so we are big beef eaters...the best thing we have done in a while. I usually mix a pound with turkey or deer to make it go further. We eat homemade pizza, tacos, enchaladas, spaghetti, meat loaf, hamburger steak....all kinds of things.

Kara said...

Send the rain here! We're eating spagetti pie tonight that I had frozen!!