Friday, March 6, 2009

Frugal Fridays - Save on Milk

I read this tip a while back and not only has it saved me money, it has helped when I have been out of fresh milk:

In baked goods and cooked things like mashed potatoes or macaroni & cheese, substitute reconstituted dry milk for the fresh stuff.

This can really stretch a gallon of fresh milk! It has also been good in our case since we buy our fresh milk whole, and the dry is fat free. That way the fat in the cooking has been reduced for those of us that need to watch that. :)

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Lisa said...

Hi Amy!

I do the same thing. Another thing is when I have a new gallon of milk, I take an empty milk jug (washed and ready to go) and pour half the regular whole milk into it. Then I take two cups (and one more just slightly less than full) of the powdered milk in each gallon. Mix with the milk and then add water to the top. You can't tell the difference. I challenge you to try. We had a blind taste test here when I first started doing it and no one could tell which was which! We even had a friend come over (who usually drinks 2%), he didn't know our little milk trick, poured a glass of milk and I heard him say to my husband "boy, you can really tell a difference when it's whole milk when you're used to 2%. Man this stuff is GOOD!"