Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Odds and ends from my corner of the web

Weather report from the buffalo range:

Cold. Very cold. And semi-icy.

I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon re-arranging my living room furniture. Partly because of cabin-fever, I'm sure, but mostly because of the inspiration from
this post from The Nester. I haven't got it just like I want it yet, but I certainly got far today! (If you haven't visited The Nester's blog before then take the time to look around - it is beautiful, and filled with good ideas!)

Oops. I was going to let Daddy Buffalo be surprised by all the furniture arranging when he got home, but now he'll read it here first. So.. uh... surprise!

In other web-reading, MyfriendConnie at Smockity Frocks recently posted
an interview with her sister about her (the sister's) recent cochlear implants. I guarantee you will learn something and be touched by the story in this interview!

Tomorrow the boys and I will be venturing out in the cold. We'll be visiting the library, buying some groceries (the cupboards are looking a little bare!), and a couple of other errands.

We'll be starting the day going in to get Alan's regular lab work done. I am halfway expecting the results to be off as a result of the cold Alan currently has. For some kids a cold isn't 'just a cold', as Darcy of Life With My 3 Boybarians stated very well in
this post. It is definitely worth the read - a great insight into how little things can have a big effect.

Gotta go - I'm about to have a buffalo stampede on my hands if I don't get off this computer! Stay warm, and be sure and come back to let me know what you thought of some of these links! :)


Kimberly Carpenter said...

I enjoy The Nester, too! She helps you feel like you can have a stunning home easily. Now, if only I had your energy...maybe in a few months I will certainly be nesting!

Jennifer said...

I will have to check out The Nester...her blog keeps popping up on several blogs I've read today. Was hoping to see some pictures of the new furniture arrangement. I would love to change ours up more often - but with a small townhouse..there aren't tons of options. Have a fun day tomorrow.