Thursday, January 22, 2009

End of the day potpourri

Our Day in Review:

To eat:

baby carrots
roast chicken
ramen noodles

To do:
Lots of playing outside! It was beautiful today!

To learn:
Read Mirette on the High Wire (Five in a Row/FIAR) - Language Arts day: learned compound words.
Watched Youtube videos of acrobats.

For tomorrow:
FIAR Science - copper: we're going to shine pennies with tabasco sauce! And then practice walking our own 'high wire' balance beams.

Week three of Art Displays at the library is almost over and we haven't seen Remington yet! Also time to turn in the last 2 weeks' school books and get ready for the next 2.

There was quite a bit of leftover chicken tonight, so sometime this weekend I'll be making chicken spaghetti.

What is on your mind for the weekend ahead?


Linda Jacobs said...

I made chicken and noodles with leftover chicken this week. Love it!

I'm really enjoying reading about your home schooling. My niece is doing it, too, and I told her about your blog.

Michelle said...

We really liked Mirette on the highwire! Cool book.

This weekend, I am keeping my best friend's 2 year old. First time he has been away from mom, so she is nervous. I am excited though! Also, the girls are each having a friend come and sleep over on Friday. We will be full of kids at our house!!!

Lisa said...

Suddenly I have chicken spaghetti on my mind for the weekend.....hmm......

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a busy - and productive day! What exactly is chicken spaghetti?? I love chicken and I love spaghetti - so sounds interesting!

On my mind this weekend...I really want to get a good jumpstart (or even finish!) my Valentine shopping. My goal this to be ahead of the game - not last minute - for special days and birthdays! We'll see how that works out....

Have a great one...