Saturday, January 17, 2009

And I don't even have a newborn...

For some reason Alan has been waking up a lot lately.

Last night was no exception... he woke up at 12, 2, 4, and 6!!!!

I have no idea what the cause of this is. Greg is working today, (so I took all of these calls myself last night) but he says tonight and Sunday night he will be on duty. Hopefully it's just a little habit Alan has gotten in and we can stop it. Soon. Before I run out of makeup to cover the circles under my eyes!
Speaking of Alan...

Sometimes I bring him into the bathroom with me when I have a morning shower. Sometimes I just brave leaving him loose in the house with Dale, but today he'd already found the gum from my purse and a couple of pens, so un-supervision didn't seem like a good idea.

So into the bathroom he came. My shower was hardly started when bath toys started appearing at my feet.

While I appreciated the gesture, I didn't appreciate the breeze I got every time Alan opened the curtain, so I used the suction cups along its edge to seal it shut.

Toys still appeared - only now they were coming out from under the curtain. He was using it like a mail slot.

I wished for my camera to take a pic of all the toys at my feet, but I quickly rethought that - mostly because of all the water, and then add to that the fact that I was ... well... you know.... "in the shower".

And bless his little neatnik heart - as soon as I got out he started to put them all away!

Please pray for our friend
Bethany in the UK: She got a new liver yesterday! :) So far she is doing great, but I know her family would appreciate your prayers for her recovery and for the donor family.


Jordan Malone said...

My son does the same sometimes, pediatrician reminded me that because of our sleep cycles they can have a period of very light sleep or wakefulness every two hours. Most children are able to sooth themselves back to sleep, but some do not or have periods where they don't want to! Hope you get through it alive! Happened upon your blog through a friend, Natalie Cole.


Michelle said...

A child after my own up his own mess!

momtofivekids said...

That's hard having to wake up so many times in a night. I hope it doesn't continue. I remember my 2nd son waking up 4 times a night for a year! My other kids were good sleepers,though.

BTW- Christian is so excited about his new friend. Yesterday he asked if Dale could come over! :)

Jennifer said...

You truly can't complain when he even puts them away, right? Besides, who in the world doesn't enjoy a bath/shower more with TOYS!!