Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm not crazy, I'm just blogging!

Some people talk to themselves.

I talk to my blog.

Seriously... I find myself randomly narrating my life, with an imaginary blog audience. I think I narrated inwardly before the blog too, but now the thoughts are geared toward you guys.

Even though the grand majority of what I tell you never actually makes it here to the blog.

And that is probably a good thing. ;) I've told you many times (in my head) that I love hot showers. Really. A very hot shower is one of my favorite things. So now you know.

Why do I do this? I have no idea.
Am I crazy? I doubt it.

Lonely? Perhaps.
I had a bowl of rice crispies late last night, and I think I enjoyed listening to them talk as much as I enjoyed eating them!

Of course, at that hour I should have been in bed sleeping. I usually am that time of night, but last night I stayed up and did a little sewing.

I made this!
Since I began sewing a few weeks ago, about half my pins have been in the little plastic box they came in and the other half have been loose in the bottom of my quilted used-to-be diaper bag that holds my scissors and other stuff.

So now they have a real place to live! And I won't get stuck when digging for the seam ripper.

Not that I need a seam ripper all that much. Ahem. Right. Moving on.

And yes, that IS the fabric I used for the apron. One of the few scraps I have to work with right now, but I thought was cute for this project. Which, by the way, I made following this tutorial.

Check back in later this week to see the fun little craft project Dale and I did today. I might even do a little tutorial of my own. :) That is, if we still have electricity following the pending ice storm. Brr!


Lisa said...

Well, isn't that cute!

Mommy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome back Amy! (((hugs)))

Your pin coushin is adorable! That is a *must* for any seamstress. I have an old beat up one I made years ago. You have inspired me to make a new one.

Jennifer said...

Super cute - and much safer!

Natalie said...

Well I think I detect sarcasm over the seam ripper. That thing is my best friend. It seems I must sew everything backwards once before I do it the right way. I love to sew I just dont like to be alone when I do it. Why dont you move to Little Rock so we can craft together. Then you won't have to listen to Rice Krispies and I can have someone make me finish a project!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Such a cute pincushion...much nicer looking than my magnetic red thingy! :)

~ Sarah

momtofivekids said...

That is very cute! I do a little sewing. I did more when I was in high school and first married. I made a lot of my maternity clothes when I was preg. with my first. ( but that was 18 years ago!) Now, I sew once in a blue moon.

Sometimes I think I'm weird for telling the world about my life. :)

Michelle said...

I do not think you are crazy. I think you have just found an innovative way to stay connected with adults when you are surrounded with little boys. Kids are precious, but let's face it, you can only take sooooo much of kid talk before you need some adult interaction!

And the pin cushion is cute! The only sewing I do is emergency sewing. As in, I lost a button. And as in "if the girls lose one more pair of gloves I am going to scream so I am going to sew a ribbon on them and thread them through their coat-sleeves so they won't lose them anymore!!!"