Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back in the saddle again......

In celebration of finally having a laptop again (sure seemed like a long month without it!).... I present to you....
Our day - in pictures.

The boys played a little hide & seek / tent / peek-a-boo type game while I did boring stuff like check email.

Alan and I sang some fun songs - he on the couch, me standing in front of him like some kind of performer. But if I moved from my spot he directed me back!

Here he is on the ears verse of "Oh Be Careful"
He also really really likes Deep & Wide, but he looked so mad in the pictures of that! Dale didn't care for singing, so he was picking up toys.

Then we moved on to our craft project of the day. This week we are studying the character trait "creative", and I have several winter/snow crafts to do.

Today's was a cool idea my mom found at
this site. They call it "Make your own snowstorm".

It's super cheap and easy, requiring only dental floss and white dot stickers.
Dale did really well, although this project was a test in keeping my perfectionism in check.

See that pink arrow down there? I didn't correct that tragically mis-aligned dot, and was very proud of myself for not doing so! :)
The definition Dale is learning for "creative" is "doing something in a different way". He asked for picnic lunch today and wanted to do it creatively, by that definition. So I made a quick lunch and we carried upstairs. Which was a treat since we never do anything but sleep up there.

Back downstairs to do some reading in our current read-aloud:

Dale then spent most of the afternoon playing outside with his friends. He got invited to come to church with them for their kids program. Tonight happened to be Crazy Hat Night.

And since most of our stuff is at home and not here, I had to get creative and fast, since they were leaving in a little over an hour. And I had to feed him supper during that time!

So. Found one of Dale's caps in the van. That was lucky.

Dug around in the box of ornaments we took off the tree here and dismantled a pipe cleaner star (one of December's craft projects!). Stuck the pipe cleaners through the holes in the cap for antennae.

But that wasn't flashy or crazy enough for me, so I drew some eyes.

That was okay, but the bug was begging for a mouth. I thought it might also soften his look.

But no matter what I did, it still turned out angry:
Isn't that a mean-looking little bug grinning from up there?

And with the added bonus of Dale's I-need-a-haircut hair spilling through the cap, the bug had a mustache. (Kind of reminded me of this guy.) That's okay though. Dale liked it. :)

And while I was busy constructing bug hats, Alan was busy helping me cook. I was all watching out to make sure he didn't get into the markers and scissors when I was in the kitchen, and didn't even think about him getting into things in there when I wasn't!

Here is the result of him trying to dip batter for the cornmeal-pancakes:
I am ONE LUCKY WOMAN that he didn't dump the whole bowl of it on his head when he got it off the counter.

But, gentleman that he is, he stuck around to help me wash up after supper. Alan looooves washing dishes!
And that, friends, was our Wednesday. Another week half-way through! I hope yours is going well!


Bobby said...

I love those pictures. And I know you are soo happy to be back in the on line swing.

Kristin said...

I love that dishwashing picture. Adorable.

Jennifer said...

Great photos...loving the bug cap - very creative!! So glad you have a computer again :)

Nigel's Mom said...

That dish washing man will make some woman very happy one day!