Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ahhhh... Life at its finest!

The four of us were watching tv tonight, flipping back & forth between Food Network & TLC.

(By the way, this meant we weren't seeing any commercials, so I still don't know how
Dale learned Chevy's new slogan)

So anyway, a
show about doughnuts came on Food Network, and it wasn't long before Dale voiced my own exact thought:

"I want a doughnut!"

And you know, sometimes all it takes is someone else saying what you were already thinking to propel you into action.

Within moments, Dale and I were in the kitchen. We popped open our last can of refrigerator biscuits, heated a small pan of shortening, and found an empty pill bottle to make holes. While I fried the biscuits doughnuts, Dale stirred the powdered sugar glaze, and then I dipped them. Dale sprinkled a few with leftover birthday cake sprinkles (those things just
keep showing back up!.. note to self... buy a smaller container next time!)
We even sang while we worked! Remember this song - ?
Life without Jesus, is like a doughnut, like a doughnut, like a doughnut.
Life without Jesus, is like a doughnut:
There's a hole in the middle of your heart!

And Dale, who sometimes acts weird about singing (but that's just Dale for you), even Dale had fun with that song while making doughnuts!

It wasn't long at all before we were sitting down to warm glazed doughnuts with tall glasses of milk.

I have no idea how the doughnuts on tv turned out, and I don't feel like I missed a thing! Because, really, what is better than a late-night, sweet, fried treat, made in your own kitchen, with your own little buddy? Not much, my friends, not much!

P.S. - They may not be much to look at, but I ate the pretty ones first. ;)


Lisa said...

mmmmmm.......I don't care so much how they look.......its the taste that matters. I bet they were good!!

Michelle said...

I have a little baker in my house too! (Lauren) Nothing more fun than cooking with your personal chef!

Kimberly Carpenter said...

Those look so yummy!!!!

Amy said...

Yum! I have fond memories of my dad making these kind of donuts on Saturday mornings as a rare treat. We'd get to shake the still-warm donuts in a bag of sugar to coat them. Mmmmmm!

Mom Tu-Tu said...

Just dropping by for the first time! You have a great blog and the doughnuts look yummy!