Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Doing stuff

I don't know about you, but we are still adjusting to the time change. Not that I'm complaining... I was ready for it weeks ago. My only concern was the frequent habit Alan has of waking up at 5:30am. Factor in "fall back", and.... yeah. That'd be 4:30.
Fortunately, that hasn't happened (yet). But we have been having some early mornings. Yesterday we had been up, had breakfast and already spent a lot of 'day'. It felt like it must be at least 10am. It was 7:30. And, oops - I made a phone call to have a little chat (with a friend who shall remain unnamed) and woke her up. Oops.

So by the time 11am rolled around the day was getting really long. The boys and I headed over to visit Nana & PawPaw. Lucky us - we got invited for lunch! Yum!

A toy from Dale's baby-hood made it's reappearance for Alan. It's a little ride-on/pushing car. Alan loved it! And... so did Dale. It was pretty sad really... big ol' kid riding along with his knees up to his ears playing on a baby toy. But it was so fun!

We stayed as long as I dared... I hear rumors spending extended periods of time with my boys can be exhausting to those who don't live with them. :)
Not sure why.... they're both such quiet intellectual types:
...or maybe they just see me on the computer a lot? Nah.... couldn't be.
I do other things, too. This is one thing I did yesterday:
I know - sooo elegant and fancy. Hey: I'm just happy to be in season, ya know? I can bust out with some real decorating skills in a few years. Like when Greg retires. And I actually acquire some real decorating skills. Or just some decorating money. Who needs abundant skills when you have a decent budget for Hobby Lobby? Or Tuesday Morning? 'Nuff said.

And... back at home... Dale continued to enjoy the ride-on. Like I said... pretty sad, huh? Ahh well.... I have to remember that his mother could still play some serious Barbie at an age when most girls were buying makeup and reading magazines about boy bands. So you just ride that toddler toy, kiddo.


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Kara said...

The time change is hard! I love your new look:) Oh, and your table decor is beautiful. I just wish I could find my table under all the stuff piled on it, then maybe I could decorate:)

brwilliams said...

Paris is getting a Tuesday Morning in Mirabu where the Dollar General used to be.. just thought I would share! :)