Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reading list update

Let's talk about my reading list. (Because I know you are all just riveted by what I'm reading.)

Going down my Fall Into Reading Challenge list on the sidebar:

Seaside (Just finished) - a very good book. It is a novella, so it only took 2 days to read. It's mother & daughters (& sisters) and makes a very good point about enjoying the blessing of today, at whatever place you are in life.

The Pilgrim's Progress - I am officially giving up on this one. The day I brought it home from the library I got some uninterrupted reading time while both of the boys slept and really got into it. It seems very intellectual & literature-ish and spiritual... all at the same time. But that was a couple of months ago, and since then it's been like swimming through tapioca pudding. It just takes a lot of effort and brainpower, the latter of which I find myself short of pretty often these days. Plus, and I hate to actually admit this, but I was slightly disappointed that the book wasn't even about the people that came over on the Mayflower. Nope. Not those Pilgrims at all. What a rip.

Hints on Child Training (In progress) - This one also takes a little bit of concentration, but it is more from the fact that I want to absorb every single thought in it. It has short chapters, and no fluff. It was written in in 1890 by a father of 8. The quote on the back says it just as well as I could: "This book will give you a whole new perspective on your joy as a parent - and a lot more hope. Every family needs this book!" It is full of practical tips on how to implement ideas that are somehow both simple and profound... if that makes any sense. I definitely recommend it to any parent.

So... there you have it. What are you reading? What's on your "To-Read" list?


Kristin said...

Actually, I AM interested in what you are reading! I am very into books lately. (which is probably a very good thing, considering...) I am working on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland right now. Next is Grapes of Wrath. Then I think I'm going to hit up the new books section in Huie that is right in front of you as you come through the door. I spent some time brousing those shelves last night, while Adam was finding some incredible boring business books for a research paper he is writing. Wow, my comment turned into a mini e-mail. Haha, hello blog world! Wow, I'm such a nerd. :)
Love you!

Michelle said...

I am reading the "Abram's Daughters" series by Beverly Lewis right now. (have had lots of down time with a bum tooth lately) I also checked out "Bringing up Boys" by Dr. Dobson. I don't have any sons, but I do have 13 boy (and 6 girl) students this year. Man, do I need guidance or what!! :-) My bedtime reading right now is "I'm not wonder woman, but God made me wonderful!" by Sheila Walsh. It is awesome! She works with the Women of Faith. I actually bought this book for my mom last year when we went to the Women of Faith conference together, and she let me read it when she was done with it. So there's my current list! (Love to talk about books, can you tell!) I guess my comment turned into an email too Kristin!

Amy D said...

Lol - yeah right, you're a nerd. Just like I'm a fashionista. Adventures and Wonderland makes me think of that DCI show last summer.

Michelle - 1, did you know Dr. Dobson is working on Bringing up Girls? and 2, are you familiar with The Minds of Boys by Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens? I've read parts of it ... it's geared toward both parents & teachers. 13 boys! I bet you come home tired every night! :)

Simple Journeys said...

It's not nice to make people cry--unless it's brought on by hysterical laughter! Your Pilgrim's Progress line just about!!! You are a funny woman!!

Karen said...

I've been posting what I've read this year so far. (I've got January & February up right now).

At the moment I'm reading a non-fiction book called "Four Queens" which is really good. And a parenting book called "Just Two More Bites." Not that I've ever said that!