Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

After a couple of harrowing car trips with Alan recently, we began to suspect part of the problem was that he was riding backwards - kind of a restricted view, and, oh yeah, he couldn't see me, the one person he must keep in his sights at (almost) all times.

Thanks to Dale, who talks all - the - time (he happened to point out a poster about carseats on the wall of the exam room), I thought to ask the pediatrician last week when we could turn Alan around and found out he was already ready! Yay! If I had the know-how I would have switched out seats right there in the dr's office parking lot! As it was, we had to wait for Daddy to come home and hook us up.
And Alan? He loves it. The first several trips riding forward were so fun! I'd look back at him and he would smile and kick and laugh. He's starting to get used to it now, and he's still had a couple of pretty fussy trips, but it's better.
Just goes to show it pays to listen (and really hear!) your kids... even when they're talking your ear off! :)


fairenuff said...

I'm guessing that Dale had been using pink paint?!
I love the photo. We had the same problems with Bethany and she was so much happier when we changed her direction.
Keep 'em smiling.

Kara said...

It's always agony until they are old enough to turn around. Little One is fairly content when she has two sisters to look at, but when we are alone she hates facing backward. But she still has a ways before she'll be able to turn around:(