Monday, November 5, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

Alan's First Haircut

I don't know what other people do for their babies' first haircut... I imagine it has something to do with an appointment and a barber's chair? I really have no idea.

Around here, we are the ultimate do-it-yourselfers. This includes the realm of just about anything hair-related. Of course, my mom gets most of the credit. She really has a knack with the scissors. You oughta see what she does for me! (Not that I'm braggin' or nothin', but between the good genes and the good haircuts, there are times in my life that I go around sportin' a pretty kickin' haircut. So good, in fact, it apparently makes me forget how to use the 'ing' suffix... hmmm.)

Anyway, since Mimi can do things with scissors that looks professional, that means we don't have to go and sit (or pay!) for a professional to do it. Which means Baby's First Haircut can happen whenever the urge strikes. For Alan, that was this past Thursday night. (Well, the urge struck us, not him, but.... you know.)

Anyway (again) - moving ahead with the story...
After a competent barber/stylist, the next important element of of Baby's First Haircut is something to keep the

victim subject still. For Dale, this was easy: ice cream! He probably got spoon fed ice cream (usually by Gramps) for every haircut the first 2 years of his life. Worked like a charm.
Alan? Not such a fan of ice cream. Or being spoon fed. Or just eating in general. So he posed a little more of a challenge.
For his ultimate distraction & entertainment, I pulled down a box of odds & ends toys from the top of Dale's closet - most of them with wheels.

Mimi did the cutting, Gramps did the entertaining, Dale played on the computer and talked - a lot. And me? Oh I'm pretty useless - I ran around doing this & that - keeping Dale busy, retrieving toys & cutting supplies. And taking pictures. :)
Can you count how many hands are in this pic? I see 5. :)

So there it is, the first haircut, ready to go down in the history books. Or at least the baby book. :)
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Lisa said...

;) Thanks for the kudos! ;)

fairenuff said...

Did you keep a locket of hair?

Kara said...

So sweet! That is wonderful to have someone that does hair. I am only allowed to do my husband's, I think my girls fear I will give them a Dorothy Hamill due. LOL