Friday, November 2, 2007

What would you do?

I can't believe I am posting a picture of my bathroom sink for the second time in a week. I couldn't believe it when I took a picture of my bathroom sink two days in a row. What can I say... the bathroom is apparently a busy place!

Nevertheless, here goes.

Last week, as I was packing to go on our camping trip, I went into the bathroom and found this:
That is Dale's hairgel. And it was more than it looks like in the picture.

At first I was just stunned. Then I was perplexed. Hmmm... how to handle this one? Sometimes I wonder if I am too lenient on things that fall under the category of "classic childhood exploration".. or something like that. I mean, can you imagine how fun it was to squeeze & squeeze & see that pile of gooey, shiny, yellow stuff pile up?

And yet... I wasn't happy about the mess & potential waste.

My first instinct was that Dale needed to clean it up. That is often the rule around here... you make the mess, you clean it up. But I wanted to salvage as much of that gel as I could, so I decided to do it myself. I felt like I was on some kind of gameshow: how fast can you scoop all of this back into the bottle, using nothing but a baby spoon!?

My next question was whether or not to punish Dale. In the end I opted for a Good Solid Threat of a Very Specific Punishment if he ever emptied, squeezed, poured, dumped, etc soap, lotion, hairgel, toothpaste, candlwax, etc down the sink again. I think he got the message.
But I'll be keeping all soaps, lotions, hairgels, toothpastes, etc out of reach for a while. And keeping myself on standby to quickly administer the Very Specific Punishment if needed. :)

So, ye parents of childhood explorers both past & present ... what would you have done with this one?


Simple Journeys said...

It seems to me that 'grab the camera' holds up for past and present explorers alike. I recall finding one of my little explorers in the bathroom, no less (a very busy place) with her Entire face painted in maroon lipstick! What did I do? Grabbed the camera! Then carefully transported her across town to see Nana. Ahh, the unpredictable days of childish never know...

Shannon said...

I would have been happy that they weren't playing in the toilet, which is what my little chillins seemed to always be drawn to.
So, just how fast did you do it? :)

Jennisa said...

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fairenuff said...

Amy, I would have done exactly the same thing but not moved the offending tube. The thinking behind my decision would be that he cant learn to overcome temptation and know he is being a good boy if the temptation is removed.