Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dancing in the aisles

After a couple of days, Dale's runny nose turned into a cough & cold. When he woke up coughing an hour or so after bedtime last night, I dosed him up with some cold medicine.

This morning, he woke up kind of hoarse and before long was asking to take his vitamin.

I keep a bottle of children's chewables, but we aren't regular about taking them or anything. It is usually when he thinks about it and asks for one, so I didn't think much about him asking for one this morning.

A little while later I passed by and saw him just sitting on the couch. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, in his scratchy little voice:

"I'm just sittin' here. I thought my vitamin might help my mouth talk like it used to talk, but it didn't."

I gave him some juice, but that didn't help much either. Later he decided to try a nap to see if that would 'fix it' and disappeared into his room for a little while (this was all before 8:30 this morning). I guess a nap was boring, because pretty soon he was back to the couch for a 'rest' to see if that would help.

He eventually either gave up or got used to it and forgot because he's still hoarse now. Poor kid.
I'm sure he doesn't feel completely good, but we went grocery shopping earlier today, and he felt good enough to dance along to the sample CD clips in the candles/frames/decor aisle at WalMart. Besides, dancing doesn't require any voice at all! And silly me... I danced along with him. I just couldn't resist. :)

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Kara said...

Poor baby. I hope Dale is feeling better soon! I think dancing is good medicine:)