Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I. Am. Stunned.

Many, many months ago, Greg and I redecorated our bathroom. When it got to the point of painting the walls we took the curtains down, of course.

And, they... stayed down. For a long, long time. Much longer than I would care to admit. For a while I tackily thumbtacked a sheet over the window, just to feel semi-private, since it is the bathroom, and you sometimes need to be.... you know... not clothed. (For the record, due to several things, I think our bathroom window can't really be seen by the outside world, but still....)

Off and on for weeks and weeks on end I have searched for the hardware to rehang those curtains. You know - the little brackets you screw into the wall and the L shaped rod on each end slips over them? I couldn't find them anywhere, and I could never remember to buy any.

And so.... the bathroom window has remained curtainless, and the curtains have stayed on their rod, draped over one end of the desk in our bedroom.


And then tonight, Greg and I were working together putting away some laundry and things in the bedroom. I had moved the curtains onto the bed with the laundry, and as Greg picked them up and started gathering the fabric on each end to thread the two pieces of the rod back together, I lamented to him the fact that I have NOT been able to find those brackets!

He held up each piece as he put them back together and said......

"It's a tension rod."

And I. Was. Speechless.

I never knew.

Speechless, I tell you! With mouth agape!

And he never knew I never knew.

I could do nothing but stutter.

And watch Greg hang the curtains. Instantly. No hardware required.


Simple Journeys said...

Don't you just hate being dumb?

fairenuff said...

LOL, see, men come in handy every now and again!

Kristin said...

Hahaha. I think I laugh in my comments too much... but you are funny. :)

Amy D said...

Yes I do!
Yes they do!
And No you don't - thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I do that. That kind of thing happens to me a little too often! It was sweet of Greg to let you stand there with your mouth open and he keep his closed! What a guy! Danielle

Danielle said...

Did you happen to notice that instead of my name, it reads, anonymous said... and I leave my name at the end of the blog! I chose the wrong identity! Danielle, again.

MIL said...

You never REALLY realized what a
smart son I raised until tonight!
Yeah Greg...(for keeping your mouth shut)

Kimberly said...

Oh me...heehee...that's funny..."the first lesson we will discuss in premarital counseling is communication". I don't know how many times Jonathan and I have assumed the other one did or didn't do something, and...well, crazy stuff happens. You are so funny!

Christy said...

That totally cracked me up!!

(new here, sooo glad I found you)