Saturday, December 15, 2007

Windchills & PJ's & puttering in the kitchen. And still with nothing to say!

I can't believe y'all aren't commenting on Frosty. I love those kids in that video! When she shouts, "Look at Frosty go!" and then those kids jump up and say "WHEEE!" that seriously cracks me up.

And I need the laughter. Today has been one of the WEIRDEST days. Greg was up a couple of times in the night inspecting my toilet-cleaning up close and personal like. Poor Greg. Between being aware of his troulbes and being up with Alan a couple of times and all the thunder and stuff I felt kind of like I had been hit by a truck this morning. Can't imagine how Greg felt.

Anyway, breakfast and laziness helped and it's been a good day - just not like one I have very often. Greg has been here, but mostly slept. Alan is sleeping now. Dale and I made cookies (and I took pictures! to share later).

And here is the part that I should NOT tell... we are all still in our pajamas! Yikes! It has just been the coldest, windiest, blusteriest day ever. Or at least this winter.... which is very young.

And guess what else? No sooner than I had typed the words "Alan is sleeping now" he woke up.

Oh well. It was a nice long nap, anyway. :)

But the interruption has caused me to forget some of what I was going to blog about. I know there was more. I did have at least somewhat of a purpose when I sat down and started typing. Now it's just turned into some really bad rambling, lol.

Oh well, again. Off to come up with something warm and yummy for supper!

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Liz said...

Those are fun days. When you just putter around the house without the comings and goings. Especially when it is cold out and one peek out the window says I'm so glad I'm inside. Have a great day. Hope your hubby feels better. Liz