Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christma Day, part 1

Okay. Christmas Day.
Alan woke up at 6am and obviously wasn't going back to sleep, so while he was still in a good mood, we actually WOKE UP Dale around 7:00.
After looking over all the goodies Santa brought and enjoying them throughout the morning, we had Christmas dinner at our house. We kept it simple and were so glad we did! Ham, sweet potatoes, garlic green beans, macaroni & cheese, and pear-lime jello. Ok, so it doesn't sound simple typed out, but really - it was. We sat Dale at the "kid table". It'll be a lot more fun when he's not the only kid at the kid table, but he didn't seem to mind, lol.
This could be a pic of Alan eating any day of the year, but it really was Christmas dinner.

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