Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Everybody knows the tv and some avocadoes help to make the season bright.

Thanks for all your comments - so far I'm still feeling good! :)

I wanted to show you a pic of our wonderful parenting after a sick day. After keeping Dale quarantined to his room all day, we finally let him out around supper time last night. He and Alan were both pretty restless, Greg and I were both tired, and there was still lots to do to wrap up the day before bedtime.

What you see here is Alan, in nothing but a diaper, watching tv. In the middle right is Dale, with his face just inches from the tv. On the left is our rather large pile of freshly laundered bedding. And, so no one is left out, yes, that is Lightening McQueen in the center, making his big racing debut. :) Right out of a parenting how-to manual, I tell ya!

Below, with nothing to do with sick days or parenting, is a bit of quirky Christmas decorating I wanted to share. I haven't really done much this year, for various reasons which I will not get into here (it has a lot to with liver disease and 2007 basically being the year from you-know-where). But, we are getting in the Christmas spirit here and there. I bought myself a large Christmas-scented candle (cinnamon, I think?) and put it on my cake plate in the center of the table. At one point I came across some silver beads in one of our Christmas boxes and added those to the mix.

And then one day I was putting away groceries and found myself wondering what to do with the 3 avocados I had bought for a great sale price (even though they weren't on my list and I as-yet did not have a plan for but I love avocados so I bought them anyway) that needed some time to ripen. I didn't really want them just laying around on the counter, and as I noticed their beautiful green color I thought of the perfect festive place for them!

Why not?

And the avocados were delicious, by the way. :)


Simple Journeys said...

:D You crack me UP!!!!!

kristin said...

And I as well...
[that is not even correct usage, but it is what I wanted to say. :) ]

Kara said...

That'a great lol. Little Soph would gobble these (avocados) up if I left them out like this!

I'm glad you like MMM, even though I am sometimes way late getting it up:)