Saturday, December 8, 2007

Polar Not-So-Express

As much as we would like to, we have not been able to establish much of any kind of routines with Alan. Therefore, things are constantly changing. Something will work for a few weeks and then, sometimes all of a sudden, it doesn't work any more and we find something different.

Our current setup involves a lot of me sitting in the recliner nursing Alan to sleep, and often just holding him while he sleeps. This lends itself to a lot of tv watching. I have gotten back to my 'love' of a few years ago, Food Network. The past week or so I've also done a lot of channel surfing and found some Christmas specials.

Last night was one of those times. I came along just as the ending credits of The Polar Express. Even though I'm not a big movie watcher I've always been interested in seeing that one. Not only is it Christmas, but it's Tom Hanks! I really like him as an actor. I don't know what he is like in real life or where he stands on major issues, but I am ok with that. When most (all) of your movie watching is either what is shown on tv or what you borrow from the library for free, it's not like I personally am funding anyone. Oh anyway. Where was I.... oh yes - Tom Hanks. Some of my favorites?
Joe vs. the Volcano

Sleepless In Seattle
Apollo 13

You've Got Mail
That Thing You Do
Not such a big fan of The Green Mile, haven't seen Catch Me if You Can...... I'm sure I"m forgetting some, but listing Tom Hanks movies wasn't even the point of this post. In fact, I have veered pretty far from the where I began and the intended point of this post. Which was:

The Polar Express.
As soon as the credits finished rolling, it ran again on the same channel, so Greg and I stuck around to watch. First of all, the animation is amazing! Wow! It was fun to watch just for that! And, it being Christmas and Tom Hanks and a really cool train, the story line sucked us in pretty easily too.

However. This being run on tv meant there were a LOT of commercials. Almost as much commercial as there was movie. And it being the second showing of the night meant it was going to be pretty late finishing up. And we value our sleep around here. So, we decided to call it a night without finishing the movie. We figured that in "real" movie time we were only a half hour or so into it. We did like it enough that we both agreed we want to check it out from the library in the next week or so and watch it uninterrupted. Well - uninterrupted by commercials at least. Around here, an uninterrupted evening is pretty much unheard of.

My question for you is: Have you seen The Polar Express? What did you think? Don't give anything away, though! Remember - I haven't seen the whole thing yet!

What is your must-see Christmas movie or tv show?


Kimberly Carpenter said...

I liked mother-in-law is in love with it and cries when she watches it. She even made her 80 something old mother watch it when it came on TV this week! :)

fairenuff said...

Nope, sorry!

As a child I always watched the Wizard of Oz at Christmas because it was always on the TV. I remember one particular year, being at my grandparents house. It came on in black and white so they tried to adjust it as they figured it should be in colour. But they knocked the colour off so it stayed black and white when Dorothy went over the rainbow. Even now I am gutted!

Also, if it was on TV, we watched The Snowman. But generally we turned the TV off at Christmas.

Keri Mae said...


Oh my I laughed so hard over your EW blog. Laughing WITH you, understand, not AT you, naturally. ;)

I didn't care so much for the Polar movie. The animation is neat, but the people (maybe bc of the animation?) lacked soul, that sparkle in the eye, I suppose. And what is the deal with the wierd ghosty spiritual man that rides the train roof? As I recall, he was no where in the book. Too creepy for me.

We just bought The Nativity Story ( I know your kiddos are a bit young for that, but it looks good for an annual Christmas movie. And of course, Charlie Brown's Christmas is a must. The kids LOVE it when Schroder pings the keys in response to Lucy's insistance for "presents for pretty girls" and will rewind that part at least twice. It makes them giggle so!

Blessings to you!

Kara said...

We liked Polar Express, but the book is even better and a wonderful one to have on your shelf. Tom Hanks is one of my favorites too. In fact I caught a little bit of Forrest Gump on the t.v. the other day while I sat nursing Little One!

Michelle said...

I have seen it several times. (We show it to our students.) It is o.k. I agree about the creepy ghosty guy on top of the train--what is up with THAT??? Anyhow, you might need to be careful with Dale. Lauren cried the first time when she was 3 1/2, but loved it at 5. Emilee liked it at 2, but I think it was because of our friends surround sound! Family favorites? Veggie Tales Star of Christmas!

Miss Julianne said...

I liked it, although I don't like making Santa a big part of Christmas. Still, the movie was cute.

I was actually wondering, how did you get your Yahoo avatar to show up in your blogger account? I liked yours and wanted to make one for myself, but I can't figure out how to get it onto my blog.


brwilliams said...

Matt loves it. He has watched it twice already. I have only seen bits and pieces of it so I am still a little lost as well.. Tom Hanks movies -- Big & Forest Gump. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it, but i loved your side tracked moment. :)

Amy said...

Thanks to all of you - you are great! We have seen the rest of it now, but I won't post about that here... I can eke out a whole blog entry, I'm sure. ;)

I can't believe I forgot Forest Gump. I just saw it on tv the other day, too, Kara!

Miss Julianne... I haven't been ignoring your comment.... I've just been trying to remember how I did that yahoo thing. oops. I'll dig around in my blog a little and see if I see anything familiar, lol!

Miss Julianne said...

Thanks, Amy.
Don't go to *too* much trouble about it, but I am curious because I liked yours. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish I had more time to spend on it!